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Executive Team
About Us - Executive Team
Rali Panchanatham
Co-founder, and Director of Offshore Development.
Since 1980, Rali has worked in the field of Information Technology with various industries in the US, both in the West Coast and the East Coast. He has several years of hands-on software engineering and project management experience in development of web-enabled applications, including eCommerce, Client/Server systems as well as development, maintenance and reengineering of legacy software systems, in a variety of industries.
After working for several companies including CitiCorp, Star TV and Casco Bank in Boston and Portland, and Bank of America in LA, Rali joined Digital Equipment Corporation in 1988 to provide software consulting to various customers in Southern California.
After 4 successful years at DEC that included Excellence & Outstanding Achievement awards in 1989 and 1990, he launched SREE Consulting Services in Orange County and has been providing software services since 1992.
In 1997, he merged his business with RAD Info Tech, a new software company based in Santa Fe Springs, California, and was successful in providing software services to a number of customers both in California and Alabama.
In the year 2000, Rali joined forces with Steve Gray and Randy Wang to launch AmbaSoft to bring high-quality and cost-effective software solutions to the customer.
He works closely with high-quality offshore companies with proven track records, to take advantage of the high-quality and cost-effective services that they can provide to AmbaSoft and its clients. He directly manages the entire operation of the offshore software service provider, RajaSri Systems, based in Chennai, India.
Rali was born in India and was educated there. He moved to the US in 1980 and became a US citizen in 1990. He has a Masters degree in Mathematics and a Masters Degree in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology. He achieved the top rank in the University both during his Bachelors and Masters program in Mathematics.
Randolph Wang
  Co-Founder, and CEO
Rali Panchanatham
  Co-founder, and Director of Offshore Development.
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