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Industry Solutions
AmbaSoft has extensive expertise in developing software applications for the energy industry, particularly in the gas/oil verticals. Our senior managers have over 15 years experience in this market space. Below we list some highlights of recently completed related web-based and Win32 energy projects. Click here for details.
The seeds of AmbaSoft's success with KinderMorgan Energy Partners began when Santa Fe Pipelines, a Fortune 100 company, choose DEC to build a robust, user-friendly system to manage its vast, complex Refined Petroleum Operations. Being the biggest account in the Southwest, DEC chose this as its showcase project. Click here for details.
Even the most successful radio stations have at least some unsold commercial airtime (inventory) every week. Some have just a handful of spots, others have many unsold commercial units. Both radio stations and advertisers have long wished for a way to fairly price this inventory known only at the last minute (a day or two prior to the week of airing). But no such marketplace has existed—until now. Click here for details.
After two years construction, this patented and versatile application launched in the fall of 2004. Based on a unique concept by creators David Humphrey and Peter Levshin, it solves one of the biggest problems plaguing internet marketplaces for a long time. Unlike other popular websites, buyers and sellers pay nothing. Fraud is eliminated because sellers are not paid until buyers express satisfaction. Users post ads and interact with each other, making offers, buying, shipping, verifying quality, and eventually claiming payment. And it's the only marketplace on the Web where every dollar of every transaction is escrowed at no additional cost to buyer or seller. Click here for details.
Recreational Vehicles
AmbaSoft won a contract with Yamaha Motor Corporation of Cypress, CA to maintain their custom-built CMS system (YCMS). We quickly discovered that the software was unstable and outdated. Based on user input, our team designed significant enhancements, including a system upgrade which greatly increased productivity and efficiency. Click here for details.
City Governance
AmbaSoft was selected by the City of Torrance (CA) to automate its Oversize Vehicle registration and permitting process. AmbaSoft developed a web-based application that provides permit processing through the internet, at City counters, and assist City staff in permit administration. The system met regulations set forth in the oversized vehicle ordinance. It also interacts with the City Police Department’s Spillman Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system. 

The website makes it easy for the citizens to buy permits via credit card and to activate these permits. Click here for details.
Industry Solutions
Boeing Satellite Systems
BP Chemicals Inc.
Kinder Morgan Energy Partners
Spherical Precision, Inc.
Susan Winship and Associates
Valero Energy Corporation
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