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Weekly Online Auction of Last-Minute Radio Inventory www.Bid4Spots.com
Even the most successful radio stations have at least some unsold commercial airtime (inventory) every week; some have just a handful of spots, others have many unsold commercial units. Both radio stations and advertisers have wished for a way to fairly price this inventory that is only known at the last minute (a day or two prior to the week of airing) but no such marketplace exists.
The Bid4Spots.com founders realized that the only way to establish a fair price, reflecting the desire of the buyer (advertiser) and the need of the seller (radio station) was to have an auction take place as close as possible to the air date when the station sales manager has a very true picture of the amount of unsold inventory.
AmbaSoft was commissioned to develop this vision into an online reverse auction reality. In standard auctions, the buyers bid against one another and the highest price wins; in reverse auctions the sellers compete and the lowest price wins. In this case radio stations compete for an advertisers’ business and the lowest price wins.
Bid4Spots was developed in .NET with SQLServer (SQL2000) and has been efficiently designed for scalability and security.
Bid4Spots was successfully launched in January 2005.
AmbaSoft Inc announces Partnership with RIS Technology
Weekly Online Auction of Last-Minute Radio Inventory
  • A Win for Stations A Win for Advertisers
  • For Radio Stations- Provides control of the sales process with confidentiality of rates
  • For Advertisers- Allows access to last-minute radio spots inventory from radio stations throughout the country
    Revolutionary online marketplace
  • Post Free Want and Sell Ads
  • Fraud Protection and Security
  • Free Escrow with PayControl
  • Competition = Lower Prices
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