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Revolutionary online marketplace www.classifiedbuyers.com
ClassifiedBuyers.com which is a revolutionary online marketplace that is a patented and versatile application is scheduled to be launched mid- 2004 and is expected to be a phenomenal success. The concept is novel and is not currently employed by any e-marketplace or auction site on Internet today. It solves one of the biggest problems plaguing e-marketplaces on internet for a long time now.
Buyer and sellers post their wants and ads and interact with each other by making offers, buying, shipping, verifying quality and finally claiming payment.
It is the only marketplace on the Web where every dollar of every transaction can be escrowed at no additional cost to the buyer or the seller.
Unlike popular e-marketplaces, Sellers and buyers pay nothing to place their ads. There is no room for fraud as sellers don’t get paid until buyers express satisfaction.
ClassifiedBuyers includes advanced features such as shipment tracking using most popular carriers such as FedEx, eCommerce features including credit card charges, wire transfers using ACH, powerful searches for buyer/sellers, regular notifications and reminders to buyers/sellers on various events and to inform them that it is their turn to act, features for stores to sell items, many levels of featuring items, bulk upload features, support for various billing rules. It offers several powerful features for buyers/sellers including setting alerts on ads being posted, setting their preferences on their email notifications, specifying expiry for every offer they make or accept, etc.,
ClassifiedBuyers has been efficiently designed for scalability and security. It uses an n-tier model with SQLServer (SQL2000) in the back end. Middle tier uses Microsoft technology - ASP/JavaScript, Visual Basic, COM+, MTS. All business logic is handled by SQL Stored Procedures and the COM objects. Development Environment used Microsoft Visual InterDev.
Plans are in place to migrate the application to Microsoft .NET framework, shortly after release.
AmbaSoft Inc announces Partnership with RIS Technology
Weekly Online Auction of Last-Minute Radio Inventory
  • A Win for Stations A Win for Advertisers
  • For Radio Stations- Provides control of the sales process with confidentiality of rates
  • For Advertisers- Allows access to last-minute radio spots inventory from radio stations throughout the country
    Revolutionary online marketplace
  • Post Free Want and Sell Ads
  • Fraud Protection and Security
  • Free Escrow with PayControl
  • Competition = Lower Prices
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