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Outsource Center - Rajasri Systems, Chennai, India
Value Proposition
Our goal at AmbaSoft is to deliver the best quality product at the best price within your stated time-frame. If needed, AmbaSoft has the ability to assign work to our Offshore Development Center Rajasri Systems in Chennai, India (www.rajasri.com). Rajasri Systems works closely with our American staff to ensure a high quality product that conforms to your specification. This is our value proposition to our clients.
Close Ties
Over the years, we have learned that working with offshore development centers requires intense co-ordination and management. Our Offshore Development Center, Rajasri Systems, is managed by people who have worked on-site in US for many years and whose credentials are personally verifiable by AmbaSoft management. Although cost-effectiveness is a positive characteristic of offshore development, AmbaSoft is driven more towards high-quality and repeat business and so focuses on the quality that the Offshore Center can be expected to deliver.
Time Advantage
Perhaps the most important reason why AmbaSoft considers it strategic to work with its offshore development center is to take advantage of the time difference so as to achieve a '24-hour' schedule. The strategy has worked very well for many of its projects and has resulted in very valuable in-house project management and co-ordination techniques, very unique to projects that are spread around the globe.
AmbaSoft has developed custom software solutions to many of its clients by working closely with Rajasri Systems in India since the year 2000 and hence the Offsite team has very rich experience in understanding client needs. This has helped AmbaSoft to get repeat business as well as new business.
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